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King Frog

This Is a New Drinking Fountain For Beall Park.

A neigboorhood park in the north east side of

Bozeman, Mt.  It is the second Drinking Fountain

I have done for my town.  I am most thankful to the

City Of Bozeman, The wonderful people I have got work with

the other artist involved, as well as all the kids and sponsors.

I am not naming names,  For there are so many,

I wouldn’t want to leave any out.

King Frog


Sculpted out of wet clay, we just cut off the arm,

For the molding process.

King Frog Mold


After the mold is finished we are taking the plaster,

“Mother Mold” off.  Then the rubber.



Rough Cast Bronze Panels, no bigger than 22″

Cast in about 28 pieces,

now they have to be tig welded together.

King Frog Billis

After about 40 hours of metal work

the frog is almost assembled…almost.

King Frog Billis

King Frog Billis

King Frog Billis

King Frog Billis

You can see where the panels come together

and have not been welded…


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