Tanner joined the world in the summer of ‘85.  He was brought up working at his father’s bronze foundry, Northwest Art Casting (NAC).  NAC was originated in 1987 just outside Bozeman, Montana.  Tanner remembers watching his father weld from an early age, and was always fascinated by the process.  He was passionate, and it was inevitable that his future would lie in the arts.

Tanner worked at NAC from the age of 12. His jobs advanced from metal preparation and shell building, ultimately working his way up to metal chasing.  He enjoyed the positive, creative, and inspiring artist interactions Northwest had to offer.   He has a perpetual relationship with the foundry and continues to work there on his fathers bronze sculptors as well as his own art.

A few years ago Tanner launched his own custom fabrication, cast jewelry, and design line. His abilities enable him to produce a diverse collection of works. He has recently focused on producing belt buckles, window frames, and desks, as well as collaborative projects with other artists.

Born to Mitch S. Billis (sculptor), who is son of Mitch J. Billis (renowned plein air oil painter), Tanner is a third generation artisan.  His grandmother, Kathleen, is also a plein air oil painter, along with his aunt, Chris, a successful portrait artist.

Tanner continues to expand his horizons and inspiration through workshops, apprenticeships, and the experience of living life as an artist.