In the beginning of my career as an artist,I sculpted Wild West figures and animals that captured my imagination. But ever since having children, my artwork has paralleled my life as a father. It was only after becoming a dad that I began sculpting kids, because they continually inspired my creativity with their wonderstruck way of looking at the world. I have spent much of my career striving to capture those moments of wonder by creating fantastical figurative sculptures that incorporate animals and children—all with the hope of showing others how much there is to learn from the perspective of a child.

Being a father of five has certainly brought out the child in me. I have observed the way my kids embrace the mysteries of nature, and that continually reconnects me to my own sense of delight in the natural world. As a child, I lived briefly in Maine, and Massachusetts, that left me with a lifelong fascination with the ocean. Consequently, a lot of my work has featured children and elements of the secret underwater world.

Just as my kids have grown, so have I, and my work has evolved in recent years. My themes have broadened to include dogs and a reflection on time and of coming to terms with age. However, I still have the childlike sensibility that motivates me to make new discoveries; these days, I’m learning to oil paint. Even though most of us make the journey from children to adults, we really never stop growing. The world of art has always allowed me to expand in new directions and explore unfamiliar terrain, and I hope to continue to do so for many years to come.